Every grower of tropical plants has to have a favorite.
For us here at Zoe's Tropicals, it's our Hibiscus bush!

To visit some of our Hibiscus Fields, click here!

Nathan with two great CV's!

Zayda with a stunning Rainbow Christie!

We take extra care and steps to grow them full & bushy, thick and healthy, and always loaded with ready to bloom buds!
We start by planting extra liners in each pot, and go from there.
Our Hibiscus plants benefit from a complete micronutrient and fertilization program throughout the growing period. A combination of plant growth regulators and hormones compliment our nutrient program.

Disease and insect preventative chemical spraying is ongoing at our nurseries. It seems that every plague and insect wants to attack hibiscus: Bacterial leaf spot, fungal leaf spot, whiteflies, spider mites, aphids, and snails, are among the enemies. Any of these enemies can ruin a Hibiscus plant! Our Hibiscus plants have green, lush foliage, are full & bushy, and are guaranteed to be disease and insect free.

Our growers constantly monitor and inspect the growing areas in addition to the regular weekly preprogrammed preventative chemical spraying.Once the plants have reached our fullness and height requirements, we arrest the growth with a combination of Cycocel and Bonzai. These PGRs also force the plants to produce abundant flowers. It is this constant attention to plant health, chemistry and nutrition that allows us to deliver a plant for your sales that you will be proud to have represented in your Garden Center!

We want you and your customers to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of our Tropical Hibiscus plants.

For 2004 we are offering fantastic new grafted Hibiscus cultivars! We grow these new and beautiful Hibiscus bushes in stunning varieties of multi-colored flowers! These flowers average 9-10" in diameter! These plants and flowers are quick retail movers, and we guarantee your customers will be excited when they see them at your stores.

Call for a color brochure showing our variety of selections.

Our booth at the FNATS show!

Alfredo with a typical Red President

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